Why spend time hunting for that crucial piece of information when you can find it at your finger tips?

With LifeOrganiser you can store all of your personal information securely in one place, such as your insurance policies, bank accounts, medical and property details.

Home: Your week at a glance

Never miss an important occasion or reminder again. myLifeOrganiser Home presents you with a 7-day forecast displaying appointments and ToDo’s within the current week.

At a glance the Important Occasions section will alert you to forthcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates that you would have set within the Personal section. Amending the number of days enables you to view future important dates.

The Reminders section contains reminders set throughout myLifeOrganiser. These may include renewals on insurance policies, vehicle inspections, medical appointments and more.

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Calendar: Keep track of appointments

Plan your time with monthly and weekly views available in your calendar. Not only can you view forthcoming events but this is also the place to set those all important ToDo’s.

Colour code your ToDo lists to meet your requirements and, in conjunction with the calendar activity form showing your complete daily activities, you can do away with those notes that get lost around the house!

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Address Book: List personal & business contacts

A comprehensive address book allows you to search by both individual and business name, switching between the two as your preferred search option.

You can tag entries as emergency contacts so, in the case of an emergency, you can instantly find them by filtering your list with a simple tick of a box.

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Personal: Record personal and family details

Record your personal and family details, including your next of kin. Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other important occasions. You can even highlight whether you need to send a card or a present.

Manage your personal insurances and use the inbuilt document management system to reference any important documents stored on your computer.

Birthdays, anniversaries and insurance renewals can all be set within your calendar with a click of a button.

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Finance: Organise all areas of your finances

Keeping track of your finances is simple with mylifeOrganiser Finance. Store details of your bank accounts, savings, pensions, ISAs, shares and loans in this section. All subsections follow a similar format allowing you to add and remove accounts, keep track of credits and debits, and keep an eye on your ongoing totals.

You can store your account details as well as the merchant details within each section. By setting the web login and then clicking on the link, you can easily load your online bank account in your default browser.

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Medical: Track all aspects of your health

myLifeOrganiser Medical is the place to store all your medical information, including your doctor’s details, upcoming appointments and medication. Separate sections exist for doctor, dentist, specialist and medical insurance. Prescription renewals can also be added directly to the calendar.

Our document management system enables you to create a simple link to any stored medical documents.

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Vehicle: Log vehicle tax, insurance & inspections

With many households now having multiple vehicles, myLifeOrganiser Vehicle keeps track of your vehicle ownership, from the initial purchase through to the end sale. Insurance, tax and vehicle inspection details can all be stored here, with complete calendar integration.

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Pets: Manage pets’ details and health

Welcome to pets corner! Organise your pets’ details in this section, including insurance, awards and a photo upload facility.

The all important veterinary section provides you with peace of mind that you are in control of your pets’ ailments, prescriptions and veterinary appointments.

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